Friday, August 22, 2014


Hi everyone. Today I wanted to introduce you to Tidebuy, the newest sponsor of my blog. I discovered the website this week and have found some very pretty clothes, shoes and accessories. My greatest discovery was finding that they sell the beautiful butterfly heels that I posted on my last wishlist here. The range of bags and heels impresses me the most so I've put together a collection of my favourites. 

Tidebuy Favourite Shoes& Bags

You can check out Tidebuy here.

Monday, August 18, 2014


A number of you have asked to see how I styled my rather exciting kitty cat skirt which I recently posted here. So this weekend, in between the rain and the masses of assignments I have to complete (tax law, does anyone feel my pain?), I was able to quickly take some pictures. In terms of the styling options, this skirt is a dream. I just love how I can pick up any of the colours in the picture frames and transition it in to the top. At the moment I favour blue because it's less of an obvious choice than red or black and I have so many blue pieces from Alannah Hill. This particular cardigan reminds me of the Fiorucci angel tops we used to wear in the 1990s? The bow reminds me of the angel wings. Does anyone else remember them? What is there not to love about a skirt that's covered by pretty kittys. As a cat lover, I'm always searching for unique and fun cat pieces. The frame details add a lot to an already completely adorable design. I love how the white cat reminds me of my pretty kitty Juliette Princess Miracle and I adore how the tabby cat reminds me of my gorgeous Puss who was my kitty for most of my life growing up. It's nice when clothes have such lovely memories attached. Also, I can't believe I haven't styled my golden flats on my blog before. I wear them frequently and they are Marc by Marc Jacobs. Ever since I received my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats as a gift last year which I posted here  I've loved Marc by Marc Jacobs flats of all varieties. Not only do they look amazing, they are the most comfortable shoes. I've bought two pairs since and both at very reasonable prices; if you search hard enough there are some good prices. There is also something very special about golden shoes. I'm always drawn to golden pieces but wish there were more of them around. No work for me this week. I have a week of exams and assessments which is much worse. I don't like my chances of passing them all either because, due to many reasons such as no motivation and the fact that I'm always at work and have no time, I don't feel prepared. We will see what happens.






Bea and Dot Pretty as a Purr-trait Skirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Flats
Alannah Hill Hold Me Down Bag
Alannah Hill Cardigan

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hi everyone! Just a quick post to show you a few of my favourites at the moment. How I adore clothes, shoes and handbags (and of course disco ball clocks)

Current Loves

Photos from Alannah Hill, Modcloth, House of Holland, Christopher Kane

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Makeup Look

Hi everyone! Lately I've taken more of an interest in makeup in addition to my love for clothes. Although I wear a lot of makeup, I've never been particularly interested in it because I'm not very good and I don't use a great variety of products. However, my love is starting to grow given that I've purchased a couple of amazing products recently. In particular the discovery of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo gel eye shadow has made make up increasingly enjoyable. for me I've wanted to write about this product for awhile now and now seems like the right opportunity given that this is a post about makeup. I've always loved eyeshadow but have very limited skills when it comes to its application. I've been so frustrated with powder eye shadows due to their limited durability; I hate it how I have to apply so much to get a vibrant colour and I'm always annoyed how its practically disappeared by lunch time. As a result I decided to try gel eye shadow and it is perfect. I never want to return to the powder variety. This particular Maybelline product stays on so well. It claims to last for 24 hours and I can definitely say that's true. I was very bad and slept in it (I was so tired one night after work I fell asleep before taking it off) and the next morning it still looked as intense as the day before. It's very easy to apply with a good consistency. I have this product in six different colours now but so far it's only the gold and silver I use frequently. 


I'm sure I'll grow to like the others after experimenting a little more. It's interesting because the purple and blue (which is a really fun and vibrant shade) appear to have a different consistency and don't stay on as well.  They appear creamier and lighter, if that makes sense. I went a little crazy purchasing these products. I often find myself in Priceline during lunch time on a work day so that's how all the damage was done. After years and years of eye shadow disasters my new product is amazing. I can happily say that this product, in combination with  the new lip products which I posted here, give me so many more makeup opinion. For years I used to wear random assortments of eye shadow and red lip stick each day. While red lip stick is certainly still my absolute favourite, I'm having such fun combining my new eye shadows with my new lip colours. Apart from that I like to keep my mascara, blush and face powder consistent. I like to break some of the traditional makeup rules and wear eyeshadow, vibrant lips and blush all at the same time because that's just me!


The products I've used are:
-Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow in Bold Gold
-Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
-Savvy DB Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Icon
-By Terry Growth Booster Mascara
-Clinique Almost Powder Makeup in Fair
-Clinique Blushing Powder Blush in Precious Posy

I'm wearing:
-Hello Sailor Spot Top from Kitten D'Amour

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is my favourite and most worn dress at the moment; it's the High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron which I showed you in my recent haul posted here. I'm so pleased to finally own this dress after admiring it for so many months. I can't believe it came on sale for only $38 in the Modcloth 70% sale; no wonder it has completely sold out. I know a number of bloggers who own this dress and I adore how it makes me feel even more a part of this wonderful community. I love the pattern and the beautiful rainbow design. It means I could pair it with pretty much any of my cardigans; there can never be too much colour. I'm not too sure why I went for a red cardigan this time given that red isn't exactly the predominant shade in the dress. I like how the red makes such a statement but I hope it doesn't dominate or cover up the pattern too much.  In the summer time I'd like to wear it without a cardigan and with just my yellow heels. This dress is by Bea and Dot which is definitely my favourite brand sold on Modcloth; I always keep an eye out for their pieces. It has the sweetest and most unique prints. I also love the quality and this dress is no exception; I'm always very pleased when a dress is fully lined. The only issue I had was the length. This is supposed to be more of a midi length but I've said a couple of times now that such design just doesn't suit me. I got the dress hemmed but it came up still much longer than I expected. It's definitely the longest dress I own. I was thinking of getting it adjusted again but actually I don't mind the slightly longer length; making it too short would detract from the shape. I've also been using my fan clutch bag from Forever New. I've had it for two years but probably haven't used it since at least last year; I always forget I have it. Don't you just love rediscovering old favourites?








Modcloth Bea and Dot High Socie-tea Dress in Macaron
Forever New Fan Clutch
Alannah Hill You Gossip Cardigan
Florsheim Peta Red Velvet Heels 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Current Loves

Stylish Plus Autumn Stiletto Heels
These pretty butterfly shoes appeared on my facebook news feed recently and I instantly fell in love. They also come in another version which is purple combined with a blue and yellow butterfly. Both colours are beautiful. I haven't seen butterfly shoes before so I was very impressed with the whole concept. I often wish there were more butterfly themed fashion items around so these would suit my desire perfectly.

Peter Pan Collared Dottie Sun Dress in Yellow
I recently discovered the site Le Bomb Shop and it's my new favourite. It is the ultimate destination for polka dot dresses and there are many other sweet prints too such as cherries, hearts, polka dots, stripes and tartan. The prices seem very reasonable so I can definitely see myself placing an order in the near future. My favourite is the dress below. My love for yellow is always increasing and I am yet to own a polka dot yellow dress. I am also drawn to pieces with peter pan collars because they are super adorable and add so much to a look. So the combination of yellow, polka dots and peter pan collar is the perfect dress for me.

Housecat Coaster Set
Ever since I purchased my planet plate set from Modcloth which I posted here, I've paid more attention to the home decor section of their website. There are so many fun and creative pieces that would look amazing in the house. These cat coasters are a favourite because I love kitty cats so very much.  There's not much more to say than that!

I'm Off With The Fairies Cardigan
I actually have this cardigan in mint green but I've always wished I had it in pink too. When I bought it I couldn't decided which colour to get but for some reason I'm always drawn to cardigans in green which has resulted in me having an excess of green cardigans. Now I really want it in pink, it's a really lovely quality piece too. There definitely is a recurring theme of polka dots in this post. Over the last couple of months I haven't purchased as many Alannah Hill pieces as usual; there just haven't been many pieces which have really impressed me. That's probably a good thing for my bank account. 

Picnic Person Dress
I am so incredibly sad that I missed out on this dress in my size in the current Modcloth 70% off sale.  The dresses always sell out so fast. I will be keeping an eye out in case any others miraculously become available. The watermelon collar is the best idea ever, I've never seen anything like it. When mixed with the black and white gingham, it creates a seriously cool combination. This is a Bea and Dot dress which is fast becoming my favourite brand sold on Modcloth. It's one of the only labels I've ordered with which I've been completely satisfied.  The designs are so creative and the quality is excellent. I hope that soon I'll be able to show you how I style the Bea and Dot dresses from my new in' post here. I just wish I could add this watermelon inspired dress to my collection.

Little Red Riding Hood Dress
My greatest fashion discovery this year has been Bonne Chance Collections. The prints are a dream and, coupled with the bows and peter pan collar, they are the most perfectly adorable dresses. The particular dress is covered in little red riding hoods. What an amazing idea! I also noticed many new arrivals on the website including a bambi dress and a bunny rabbit dress. My only issue with Bonne Chance Collections dresses is that they run large but the prints make it worth it and some designs are now being made in an extra small. I have one Bonne Chance Collections dress which I posted here and I would love to add more to my wardrobe. 

De Ja Vu It's True Wallet 
I really need a new wallet because my current one is falling apart. I'm not sure exactly which one but I do like the wallet below because of the pretty design and the shiny material. It's very, beautiful and classy. I find wallets frustrating because they never have enough card holders, am I the only person has that issue? I usually like Guess wallets but there aren't any I like right now in Guess. I definitely favour this one from Alannah Hill.

What's on your wishlist right now?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last Friday a very crazy and revolutionary event happened- I decided to wear jeans. I couldn't believe the reaction I received at work, so many people commented on my different wardrobe choice, it really was one of the major topics of conversation in the office. The last time I wore jeans was probably at least a year ago and many of you have probably never seen it on my blog. I usually don't like to wear jeans because they're not particularly girly, they are obviously more casual which often doesn't fit with my dressy style and I actually find skirts/dresses much more comfortable. However, I think coloured jeans and the amount of pink in this look counteracts some of the issues I generally have with pants. This outfit is my attempt to making jeans as girly and in accordance with my personal style as possible. Another reason behind my outfit choice was my desire to wear this jacket. It's a piece I purchased last year from Dangerfield but I never have enough opportunities to wear it. I've tried many combinations but it simply doesn't suit dresses or skirts and can really only be worn with jeans. I love it; the colour mix is very unique and the boucle texture is extremely beautiful. A boucle design always reminds me of Chanel which then creates a classy and luxurious feel. I am always drawn to this type of material. Following on from the Chanel inspired and pink theme, I added my pink look alike Chanel handbag which y sister in law got me from overseas. I wrote about this bag here and how I think it's an excellent version of the original. I'm often surprised when people make comments about how there is only one Chanel and the look alike versions are no comparison to the real versions. I understand that's the case in theory and the real Chanel is definitely my dream bag but for most average people such as myself there is no way in the world I would have a spare few thousand dollars to spend on a bag. It isn't even an option so it's really a choice between a look alike version or nothing and I know which I'd prefer. I had a lot of trouble accurately reflecting the colours in these photos. When I view the pictures on some computers the jeans look very pale and on other computers they are much brighter. They are actually very bright and neon in person.








Dangerfield Jacket
Forever New Jeans
Chanel look a-like Handbag
Mimco Infinite Pi Pumps 

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